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Elite Service Group

Elite Service Group (ESG) is a consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses in the full range of the business cycle. With a core staff of experienced professionals and a team approach to most consulting projects, ESG offers a more balanced quality service than many of its competitors.

The Company

Elite Service Group (ESG) is a gifted team of business consultants. Each consultant specializes in a particular discipline, including finance, sales and marketing, technology, management, operations, and human resources.

ESG offers a list of services for business owners to choose from, depending on their particular business needs. This includes; business and marketing plan preparation, financial search and procurement, IT consulting services, management development, human resources advising,  and etc.

ESG focus is on start-up businesses, preferably in the earlier stages of operation and small to mid-sized businesses that make up a sizable majority of U.S. and international markets. ESG prefers to establish a relationship with a younger operation and continue to nurture that relationship over the long term.

Our Team
Mario Crawford, CEO | Phone: 630-206-9001

A very dapper Founder and CEO, he has a background in finance and a foregrounding in genius. We watch him in awe most of the time. Which is how we've noticed he eats a lot of junk food. He also wears his tee-shirt and jeans every Friday. And he shares chocolates.

Nora Lee Smith, HR | Phone: 630-206-9001

Boy, are we happy to have Nora in office! She treats us all to her yummy cookies every now and then! And she's always up for a post-work drink on Fridays (provided you are done with your work!). She lives the edge, "work hard - party harder", focusing in office like a Jedi and transforming into a total social animal after hours.

Jenny Van Bingen, CFO | Phone: 630-206-9001

She is the very cool and she doesn't really need an introduction but we enjoy talking about her, so we're going to. She's the CFO  with  a brilliant mind.  She's also super clever and she has a heart of pure, sunshiny gold. Our only complaint is that she's always too busy doing good to shoot the breeze with us.

Dennis G. Roberts, Sales Manager | Phone: 630-206-9001

He is the Sales Manager and the master of cool and a bundle of energy. Thankfully, he expends some of it at the gym before jogging to work. We love him because he does proxy workouts for us too. He also has a wicked sense of humour. So if you want a good laugh, his number, oh, he's right here. Shhh...tell you later!

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